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Hello, I'm Amanda, lovely to meet you and thanks for checking out The Chamomile Lounge.

I created this space because I can have an opinion on anything and a lot to say about pretty much everything.

I love a project, big or small and generally have several on the go at once. I'm a sucker for a hack or a shortcut, I'm obsessed with house stuff, particularly cushions,  I collect clutch bags I never use and am always buying Tupperware. My style crush is Sarah Jessica Parker and I'm a tea addict.

I'm not an Interior Designer but I spend hours designing and restyling my home, my friends' homes and the homes of anyone else who will let me.

I'm collaborating on a million new things with my friend Jen Black, whose Wear The House brand is my new obsession. Expect to see lots more about the exciting things going on there.  As I said, I've a lot to say on a lot of topics!!

So if you're interested in sharing my journey, the highs and lows, the ins and outs then come on in to The Chamomile Lounge. 

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Talking Interiors...

  • Dubai

    Nine homes in 26 years has been a challenge. But I’m living the high life now.

    Discover Dubai 
  • Ireland

    A new build from scratch is a rollercoaster but our dream home in Donegal will be well worth the wait.

    Discover Ireland 
  • France

    A passion project in St Paul de Vence. Two extensions I didn’t plan and an ongoing renovation I love every minute of.

    Discover France 
  • Seventh Heaven

    So it’s really happened. I now have an apartment (in Seventh Heaven Barari) and it’s quite the culture shock. Having lived blissfully enshrined in beige for several...

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  • Irish Dream

    We are building a house! Follow our progress and get sneak peaks behind the scenes. Join us as we shop for furniture, visit the Paris Interiors Show and work on our moodboards as the dream becomes reality.

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  • French Escape

    The work never ends in a super old house with stone walls three foot thick and a a roof which seems to love a good leak. As a committed cushion scatterer, my DIY was never up to much but restoring France, whilst trying to keep its charm has been a challenge.

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We're talking Cushions in the Lounge this month and we love Emma Shipleys wonderful world of curious Creatures, jungles and fairytales.

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The Next Big Collab with Wear The House

Discover Wear The House

Meet Jen

Founder of Wear The House she's a Curator and a Creator of all things Interiors. Jen, is helping me furnish my dream home in Ireland and we are having fun collaborating on all things creative along the way. If you like rugs and cushions, you're in for a treat

Discover Wear The House
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