Why I Love Fashion Trainers For Spring

Why I Love Fashion Trainers For Spring


green Adidas three stripe trainer

Do you know Why I Love Fashion Trainers For Spring? I’m not ready to toss my Converse trainers into the bin just yet. As I’ve grown older there have been very few items that I’ve declared no longer fit for my wardrobe. These being short skirts, tight bandeau Herve leger style dresses and anything fluorescent. This isn’t because they’re no longer me, it’s just that they never really were me. So during a recent wardrobe clear out it was with consternation that I held up my trainers and declared with a Marie Condo style declaration “do they bring joy” and thankfully the answer is still a resounding “yes”, so I’m keeping them.  And it’s not because they’re a “comfy shoe” (which they definitely are) it’s because they’re one of my wardrobe staples. 

Now I’m not talking scruffy, trashed trainers, the style that look like I’ve trekked through numerous countries on a backpacking adventure across Asia, I’m referring to the sleek classic offerings of Converse, Vans, Adidas, Nike and Superga (Kate Middleton's favourites). 

How do I style them? Still exactly the same as I did 20 years ago. Mid length skirts, long skirts, jeans, flares, stylish separates, cropped trousers… the list is endless. What is different is that I try to keep my outfits polished and sleek. 


For style inspiration, think Victoria Beckham and her classic 3stripe Adidas. 

victoria Beckham Adidas 3 stripe classic trainer all black and white look Victoria Beckham wears Adidas 3 stripe classic trainer



vans classic trainer black with white laces casual style Vans classic http://www.vans.com


Vera white leather classic trainer smart casual style with skirt veja white leather classic http://www.veja-store.com


classic converse smart casual look all black outfit Classic converse

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adidas original campus in collegiate green http://www.adidas.com



Vans pig suede shadow grey trainer image @ paulaarguellesg  - Vans pig suede shadow grey http://vans.co.uk


Vans authentic brown suede trainer Vans Authentic in brown suede


Converse Womens Chuck Taylor


Veja white leather sneaker http://www.veja-store.com


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