Embrace Colour

Embrace Colour

Don't be afraid to embrace colour and express yourself in your home. I'm not professing that you invest in a polka dot sofa that may be a maximalist step too far but a rug or cushion isn't pushing the envelope too far.

I love colour in the right setting and it can bring a room to life. I grew up with magnolia, my mother loved it as do I but I think the trend these days is a little more daring. Shop Jonathan Adler for curated ornaments, which can bring a great pop of life to shelves. This amazing acrylic chess set is so fun.


Art is another vehicle to add depth and great for investment. If you aren't in to spending too much then shop wall art which is fun for a feature wall. At the minute I love Hulya Ozedemir which I will do a blog about soon as I'm investing in a few of her pieces for Dubai. Either as prints or as a full wall you can find her on www.photowall.com or just google her prints she has a massive selection


Lastly my favourite way of injecting colour is books. Coffee table books are a fantastic way of adding colour surreptitiously without being too obvious. Stack them on a table or shelves or on a book stand. These ones by Assouline are super colourful and cover great travel destinations so you can dream you next holiday at the same time


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