The Humble Trouser Suit

The Humble Trouser Suit

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Ok I know we are all still slobbing around in sweat pants and pyjamas but I'm itching for a time when I can "Get Dressed." Coming into Spring, when you need trousers and possibly a jacket, then The Humble Trouser Suit comes into its own. And it doesn't need to be "officey" to work.

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When you Need to Tuck In

I am a big fan of the trouser suit, and I don’t really get why it isn’t so popular. For me, a lover of trousers but a realist with regard to my own body shape, a jacket is almost a necessity when wearing trousers if I’m tucking the top in? So fine if its trousers with a jumper or top that comes mid hip because that cuts me in the right place for my height and shape, but if I have to tuck in a top then I need something else to hide behind.

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Can't Be Bothered To Match Top & Bottom?

Ok, so all you wafer thin ladies out there that can confidently “tuck and go” won’t know what Im talking about, lucky you.  But if a jacket is required, why not go the suit route. It matches, it’s easy! Again lazy fashion for me, if I can save time not obsessing whether the top matches the bottom, I’ll do it.

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It also fits so many occasions. It can also be dressed up with heels or down with trainers. It’s as versatile for winter with boots and it is with sandals in the summer. Frankly you can’t go wrong, and the options for each are pretty broad regardless of your shape. Double or single breasted jackets, neat fitted, oversized, log line or short. Trousers can be cropped, flared, bootcut, skinny or slouchy. What are you waiting for?

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