Cushions Galore

Cushions Galore

Spending so much time with Mood boards and fabrics, it's not surprising we're obsessed with Cushions. They can have such a vast influence on rooms, not just the colour scheme and pallette but the genre of the print, the richness of the fabric, the piping and fringe. A single square can sing anything from beach vibe chic to Louis XIV and renaissance without a single stick of furniture being mentioned. It's essential therefore to get them right and go for quality. At the TCL offices the two standouts for us right now are `Jennifer Lanne at and Emily J Shipley at

We adore Jennifer Lanne's original artwork, her vintage inspo and her trademark distressed look bring a magical quality that feels like you've stumbled upon a lavish chateau of centuries past. 



While Emma's style couldn't be more different, her range, which is available at Harrods has a richness of colour and design is a dream for maximalists everywhere. This wonderful British designer has been around since 2012 and her complementary homewares, accessories and wallpapers are just what we love to inject colour and vibrancy. 


Check out her collections, including china and bedding online


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