Relaxing Break in Zanzibar

Relaxing Break in Zanzibar


Relaxing Break In Zanzibar

We were looking forward to a relaxing break in Zanzibar. There were no real plans, no itinerary, no expectations but just looking for a laid back break away from it all, somewhere to recharge our batteries, peace and quiet and pristine beaches. What we found was much more than this. There were so many things in Zanzibar that appealed to us, including the history, the culture, the food and obviously the pristine white beaches.

History & Culture

anzibar is an incredibly beautiful island, off the coast of Tanzania with history and a diverse culture. It is located just off the coast of Africa and has a population of 2.3 million inhabitants.


While in Zanzibar you absolutely must stroll around Stonetown, the capital, and soak in the culture. While I’m not usually a lover of guided tours, we did on this occasion seek the help of a local guide to point out the historic buildings and explain Zanzibar’s history. He really did provide an insight into the island and it’s cultures.


Zanzibar has a blend of Arabic, African, Indian, and even European heritages, and this creates a unique mix of cultures.
Stonetown was once a slavery port and thousands of slaves were bought and sold at the slave market.  Pay your respects at the Slave Monument and visit the old Slave Market and the home  of David Livingstone, an important figure in the abolition of the slave trade.


Zanzibar slave monument

We stayed at The Melia, in Kiwengwa, 11 km from Kichwele Forest Reserve.

Nungwi area is quite isolated, in the north of the island so there really is no choice other than doing the all inclusive option. If you are seeking seclusion this is perfect, but we found that there was nowhere to walk out to in the evenings. There were fortunately 5 restaurants on site, but still I would say 5 nights is the maximum I would want to stay in this type of resort if you are looking for a bit more life.


melia hotel zanzibar The Melia hotel (image via



The north of the island has resorts like The Palms, or ,The Residence Hotel, will give you all that Zanzibar has to offer but, with a few more options of things to do. Zanzibar is a great budget destination, and you will get quite a lot of value for money. Many people tie this in with a few days on safari inTanzania.


the rock restaurant zanzibar beach


 The Rock Restaurant is world famous and renowned for its extraordinary location and it’s fabulous food.



the rock restaurant zanzibar The Rock

zanzibar beaches white sands Time to chill

weather in zanzibar Rush hour


zanzibar holidays beaches Pristine white sands


Stonetown market zanzibarStonetown Market

You must be aware that many of the locals don’t like to be photographed, So before taking photographs please ask for their permission.


zanzibar ocean life Sealife

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