Make Room for a Home Office

Make Room for a Home Office


Do you need to Make Room For a Home Office?

I think we have all realised that the world has slightly shifted and things won’t ever be the same again. Working from home seems to have  become an integral part of our lives, if not every day then certainly in some part. What lockdown taught us in 2020 was that remote works, whether its schools or business, even exercise and socialising, and sometimes all of the above, at once, and by different members of the family.  So if you are sat sharing your kitchen table with one person video conferencing, whilst the kids are face-timing their teacher and you are trying to work too, ask yourself, is this temporary solution?


If not, you may need to start scouring your home for space or two to allocate to a desk. It need not be a full room, but if it is there are many elegant solutions now that don’t require chairs on wheels and ugly tubular monstrosities we are used to. Zone your space with a rug.  Borrow a dining chair.  Some shelving behind or a little cupboard and you are good to go. Most devices now come without acres of wires required.


If space is an issue, look for corner options.   This one below is a floating option so even more streamlined.

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