Add Style to your Bookshelves

Add Style to your Bookshelves

Being an avid reader, my home just has to have bookshelves and they’re a major part of my home design. I love to switch them around and create pretty displays. So I thought I’d share a couple of images of my shelves and some further inspo and ideas on how to add style to your bookshelves

How I create a book shelf display.

Start with books! I’ve collected a few antique books over the years and they make a great starting point.

First, hunt around your home and gather some of your favourite accessories and a few personal items. I found a small plant,  a little bit of green always freshens a display, couple of photo frames and a few nick nacks from travels.

Fill in The Gaps

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m all about the more, the better. Fill small gaps with small jars, woven baskets. photo frames, a candle holder, a few shells in a pretty glass jar and holiday artifacts.

Create an arrangement of books by varying the height of objects when styling a bookshelf.  For example; place books horizontally as well as vertically, and align some stacks to the left, right and centre of a shelf.  This will draw your eye around the shelves, keeping things interesting and balanced.

Lean photos or pictures behind the books for interesting depth.

Remember a good display often evolves over time, so don’t stress if you don’t get your desired look straight away.   Keep adding and changing, it’s a work in progress. 😜.  Most importantly when styling your home, remember that it is your home and you have to live with it, so personalise it with things that you and your family love.

So, these are my fireside book shelves and they're forever changing with my mood.

The End Result


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More design inspo

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We love how this display has kept everything neutral. Try creating a colour scheme for your shelves







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Try colour toning your books for that cohesive look


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Watch this video for more inspiration on how to style your bookshelves.

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