Colour My Home Interior

Colour My Home Interior

Colour My Home

Have you ever wished that you had the courage to buy that purple sofa, or paint that wall pink. That bright yellow chair that caught your eye but you just couldn’t imagine what you’d do with it. Do you ever wonder how different your hallway would look if only you’d painted it black. Or maybe what fun your kitchen would be if you’d bought those orange units.


Personally, I long to just go for it and throw caution to the wind but in reality I’m the chicken who always plays safe. I admire and aspire to own that home with a wow factor like no other.

Here are some rooms to inspire you. However, if you're not quite so brave, we have more inspiration.


how to add colour to my home interior purple dark blue interiors Image via pinterest

Wow! This purple unit. I’m not sure that I’d ever be brave enough to paint such a beautiful unit but bravo to the owner of this eye catching piece of furniture.

dark green sofa with floral interiors add colour to my home

We love how the  designer of this room has pulled together these colours to striking effect. The wall mural 'Miss Midnight in the Garden' is available at

how to add pink to my home interior and dark colour interior style image via

A pink painted armoire gives this room a touch of glamour

rich classic home style how to add luxury style to my home interior

Beautiful pink silk seating cushions add an element of sophistication to this classic room.

how to mix eclectic style to my home interior with bright colours source:

Colour clash works well in this bohemian home.

Maybe one day I'll surprise myself and  Colour  My Home Interior

Have you tried it? We’d love to see your photos.



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