A Touch of Animal Print

A Touch of Animal Print

I'm always partial to a Touch of Animal Print!  Whether that makes me a vilified game hunter or Bet Lynch ( you need to be a British Coronation Street fan to understand that) sympathiser. 

animal print chair for bedroom desk textured fabrics

In truth I’m neither.  Where art imitates life, no one does it better than mother nature for colour, texture and pattern. 

There are endless possibilities of using a Touch of  Animal Print fabrics ( lookalikes only ladies!) from the odd cushion to full on upholstery, wall art, to full on wallpaper. And as in nature it goes with everything.

stylish animal prints for the bedroom zebra skin rug

Monochrome Zebra looks as good naturally with wood tones and lots of green plants. This gives a very colonial rich classic look. Animal print looks good when it's completely clashing with vibrant prime colours. Great for a very funky vibrant almost punky vibe.

add a touch of animal print to your home interior

An easy add in terms of a strategically placed cushion if you are just experimenting.

animal print rug classic black and gold home style interior

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Or even just an animal print ornament or rug will do the job. Hope you enjoyed A~ Touch of Animal Print. Check out our cute animal print dishes from Harvey Nicholls in the Buy Now section


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