A Dreamy White Bedroom

A Dreamy White Bedroom

How to create a dreamy white bedroom

Our bedroom is our sanctuary and we need it to be comfortable, peaceful and ultimately our place of retreat. I’ve always wanted a dreamy white bedroom but with children we all know how that would turn out.  But they are all older now and I’m free to look at a change. Remember that it isn’t always necessary to totally renovate your room. Look at what you already have and change the small things. Often just adding a rug or bedding can create a whole new look.


I’ve been taking a look at these very different white bedroom designs and in the hope of finding some inspiration to create the bedroom of my dreams.


This bedroom has gone for the full ‘all white’ look, creating a romantic feel by adding layers of texture to the room using accessories. The plush foot stool adds extra seating as well as another opportunity to layer the textiles. Remember everything doesn’t need to match. The floral rug adds a personal style to the theme as well as warmth to the room. Working with a single color palette makes it easy to pile on the textures without worrying about the clash. The upholstered headboard adds a touch of luxury.


We love how the textured rug and the accessories in this bedroom add a delicate contrast and warmth. Notice the mirrors either side of the bed, using reflection to add light. White walls and mirrors will brighten a small space and make it appear larger. A strategically placed mirror, positioned to bounce light into a room will always work wonders.


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Here are our tips:


  • Use layers of whites. Whites now come in so many varied shades from apple white to rose whites, dove whites etc.
  • Use crisp white linen. This keeps the look sharp
  • Use subtle changes of texture around the room, like fur cushions, woollen throws, white lace curtains and border anglais bed linen.
  • Make the most of natural sunlight. If you have a south facing bedroom that catches the light, dress the windows with swathes of soft white linen
  • If the room is dark, add mirrors to make the most of any light in the room
  • Create magical romantic touches with a classic piece of furniture such as an antique French chair
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