5 Steps to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

5 Steps to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

  1. Here are 5 steps to Feng Shui Your Bedroom. If you’re like me, just 3 days into our lockdown and we’re already realising that being confined to our home has us scrutinising every room. Not only am I cleaning and disinfecting every corner, but I’m looking at each room with an overly critical eye, how can I change it, rearrange it, update it, make it more inviting. My bedroom has become my retreat so I decided it was time to give it a Feng Shui make over.


Let’s keep the chi flowing and deflect negative energy from our bedrooms.


how to make the most of natural light window dressing Make the most of natural light


Step 1. Consider the positioning of your bed. Try to position the bed with space around it, away from the door and preferably not along a wall allowing space either side but ideally with the headboard against a wall. Your bed should be approachable from both sides.

how to Feng Sui my bedroom classic bedroom style


Step2.  Carefully consider the colours. Get to know the Feng Shui colour wheel.


how to fengshui using the fengshui colour wheel bedroom style Image via knowfengsui.com

Earth tones will bring nourishment, protection and stability into your life. Feng Shui earth tones include light yellow, creams, green and beige.

Metal colours bring the qualities of precision, clarity and efficiency. Element colours include grey and white.

Pastel colours are believed to add peace, calm and restfulness. Consider decorating with light blue and pale pink.

fresh blue and white bedroom fengshui style light and airy Image via pinterest

Add a strong fire colour element for passion and energy. The Feng Shui fire elements include red, orange and purple.


Feng sui my bedroom in asian style red and black Image via archzine.fr

Step 3.  Lighting: Avoid brash lighting or ceiling lighting over your bed. Instead, place side tables and lamps either side of the bed, remember, according to Feng Shui, decorating with pairs will create intimacy. Ideally, create soft lighting with candles, giving the room a warm glow and bringing Feng Sui fire elements into the bedroom.


warm bedroom candles for a fengshui bedroom style home interior

These elegant glass candles are currently my favourites. I have the scented ylang ylang but they also come in spiced chai and juniper pine. (www.urbanoutfitters.com)


create a Feng Sui cosy interior style in a boho chic bedroom

Step 4.  Allow as much light into your bedroom as possible. Open your windows regularly, bring in the fresh air and pull back those curtains! Natural light will revive the energy in the room. However, if light is limited, using the right placement of mirrors can bring energy to the space and create more light.


create a fengshui meditation corner in your bedroom

Step 5. Create a peaceful meditation space. See our blogpost  “Find a quiet space in the chaos 

cosy bedroom meditation corner with lights and textured layers My space away from the chaos


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