Things I Can't Control and Things I Can

Things I Can't Control and Things I Can


A  friend (Sarah) sent me something a while back about Things I Can't Control and Things I Can. And it helps. A wise man pointed to a large rock and asked his followers if they thought it was heavy. They all agreed that it was. The wise man smiled and said..Only if you pick it up!..

If you pick up every worry and make it your own you will surely carry a heavy burden.

There’s a lot to be anxious about in the world right now and as women and often mothers we pick up not only our stones but everyone else’s . We are making decisions for our kids ( and sometimes parents) on vaccines, whether they go to school, or stay home, where we let them socialize, who we should visit, what about the GCCE’s and A levels  It makes your head spin

Acknowledge the things that make you anxious, but then put them down again.  It's important to remain focused on the following:

A Positive Attitude - Whatever is going on, we can still smile, be grateful.

Our Own Social Distancing - We are doing our best, being as careful as we can without being too paranoid. when I mentally tick that it makes me feel better

Kindness- If I'm ordering deliveries I'm trying to pick small, organic, family run business that need my order, and tipping the hell out of the wonderful person out there delivering it to me.

Limiting My Social Media  to things that make me feel good. Apart from the funnies which have had me howling, there are as many camps telling me I'm over reacting as there are telling me I'm under reacting.

Turning off the News - I don't need to have it 24/7 in my ear, when something serious happens it only takes seconds to reach me anyway, I don't need to wait for it.

Finding Things to Do At Home - I have the tidiest Knicker Drawer of all time, Ive dragged the bread maker back out, I've got several bags of clothes that don't fit (don't ask) ready for good will. Marie Kondo would be proud.

How I follow the Regulations - 20 different versions of the rules out there, I'm just Staying Home full stop.

things i can and cannot control

What I Can Control is ..


What I can't control is what everyone else is doing. I can't predict what will happen, or when it will be over. I can't predict how much toilet paper in the supermarket or what exam result the teachers will give my kids.  So I'm letting it go.

Just saying 


If you are looking for support on mental health and stress look up


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