It's Time To Start A Journal

It's Time To Start A Journal

I've decided It's Time To Start A Journal.  I actually wish I’d started this properly when I kept all of those cute diaries about crushes when I was very young, the ones with Holly Hobby or Kittens on the front. But alas I didn’t.  If I had,  I would today have an accurate transcript of my life, which in itself would be pretty amazing.

I think we tend to forget all but the milestones of our lives as we get older.  It would be so insightful to look back and see how I handled situations and how my approach has changed with age.  Anyway, I didn’t, but it’s never too late.

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 We find ourselves now in a time where our grandchildren will look back on this period with the sort of miscomprehension that we do ourselves when we read about the war. A time hard to imagine.

Living in a period of isolation avoiding a virus in the world that we can't see. The world as we know it  is at a standstill.  Events that I find hard to get my head around.

But I'm finding that recording what's happening in a journal does help to work through some of  the anxieties.  Just a brief summary of the day , what I’m grateful for (cliché but makes you feel so good) and things I’m churning over. Always seem less of an issue when written down. 

And I have time I never had before to muse about where I want to be in 12 months or in 5 years time. I can ask myself, what can I  do today to get me closer to that goal?how to start a journal

The Chamomile Lounge came out of that question. We wanted to create a space for women to talk, and share their ideas, anxieties, frustrations and journeys to self development. As well as a space to be creative.

Of course, we do still have a bright future to look forward to, when all of this madness is over. I've listed the places I want to go, and things I want to do. It's good to think about things that I have taken for granted all these years, that are now restricted to me. Meeting friends, lunch with all the in-laws, a browse around the shops for nothing in particular.

 Find yourself a gorgeous lined book, (Checkout the Christian Lacroix Journal from Harvey Nicholls on the website under BUY NOW) Make it precious, leather bound or a pretty fabric. Tie a ribbon around it.  Imagine being given your mothers journals, what an incredible insight that would be.   It would be  a reference point and comfort as you are picking your way through your own life. Imagine giving your journal onto your children. What a precious gift for an effort of only a few minutes a day.

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