Render Revolution

Render Revolution


Never was there ever a greater invention than technology especially in house building. To be able to see spaces come alive and get a real feel for a room in 3D is invaluable when planning. It does give you the ability to visualise your ideas and can be great at avoiding mistakes. I have to say there was a fair few changes made as a result and thankfully before a brick was laid.

The idea for this house was considered a bit mad in that it's open plan. Many Irish houses are built for warmth when you've got the north wind roaring in off the Atlantic but we persevered. Seeing it in a 3D render certainly made us realise that the airflow between spaces would be huge and that we would need a heating system that would be able to accommodate that.

If you have the opportunity to take advantage of this technology then I would highly recommend it. 

Ironically the spaces inside wont end up looking exactly like this as it's a bit expensive to keep having them done when you've made changes but it's a great benchmark and well worth having 




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