Lights Please ...!

Lights Please ...!

SLAMP an unlikely name for a very trendy brand. I Love their stuff and Paul Howie at T&E Howie was fantastic in helping me choose. Later on Ill do a suppliers list of all of these fantastic contacts.

Because we have a mezzanine overlooking the lounge it was difficult to find a light that filled the space but didn't overpower the view. In the end I went for something large but quite transparent. The option we chose was modular and it can even extend and attach to the walls. Its made of acrylic, so quite lightweight and doesn't have the hundreds of suspension strings that some of the similar lights have so it doesn't obstruct the view  above it either. The cylinders that are hidden within it can be altered for length and are illuminated at both ends.

This was the picture took of it just installed asa. the sun went down it looks like a cloud I adore it



Dubai is also a great source for lights ( and they are often cheaper here having access to the US market as well. Below is a selection of examples Ive splurged on. Just have to work out where they go now






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