Contemporary Kitchen with a  Farmhouse Twist

Contemporary Kitchen with a Farmhouse Twist

This kitchen for me was the most fun to design and the place we will spend most time. 



I knew what we wanted, modern wall units, an island, an aga, lots of lighting,  plenty of seating and a ton of cool bells and whistles. Thanks to Caroline at Poplar Kitchens we ticked every box. The colour palates was easy, it started with warm and the granite for the island was the first thing we picked out. Called Canyon Leather It looks like brown leather with a copper grain running through it. I was absolutely beautiful and was the foundation for the colours that came after. The metallics reflected the copper in the island and the backsplashes behind the Aga, so we selected Galvano Portland for the drawers and some of the back cupboards. The remaining cupboards were chosen in a mink suede look. The combination is stunning and the copper lights above the island and the copper saucepans.






The picture below is of a table I found in our local garden centre in dubai. It would become our island seating. Although everyone thought I was mad, we persuaded Noel one of our contractors to get the chainsaw to it when it arrived and we cantilevered it off the island from within. and removed one of the legs. It wasn't varnished so we gave it a few coats after installation. The quirky end bit gives it a lot of personality and when I have time I'd love to fill that in with Epoxy resign, to protect it from damage and stop my father in law picking bits off it when he's sat there:) I think it will look amazing when its finished and already sits 8 people in the kitchen. It's where we all congregate to chat, dit on our laptops and have breakfast so it works really well



To avoid me burning everything in the Aga I cant use yet,  I had a Neff Induction hob and double oven. The only thing I missed was a microwave. I know they aren't too popular these days but they are handy for hotting things up quickly so Ill get one for the pantry which is a walk in to the side of the kitchen.


The other thing I cant do without is the warming drawer. In a family were everyone comes in at different times, the magic drawer as its called is handy for keeping dinner in until everyone is ready to eat it. 

Lastly the highlight of this kitchen is the way its lit. Under cupboard and spotlights makes the room super cosy at night.




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