Bathroom Bliss or Blues

Bathroom Bliss or Blues

Ok so nothing has driven me more batty this week than the bathrooms.

Despite already being stressed that i've picked the right ( or wrong)  tile - the question - can an industrial tile really look "spa like " has had me preoccupied for weeks. If it can't then I guess its going to feel like a rusty garage that I'm showering in every morning!


Ok but the taps make it "spa like" right? Hmmm if only it were that easy. After my last visit I came away with tap brochures to peruse at my leisure.  Easy. Every single option in the Gessi brochure was gorgeous even if it was eye wateringly expensive - 950 euro for a toilet roll holder is a little extreme but hey that wasn't even the issue.


Try getting every item you need in one brand one style and one colour. Great if you've picked chrome but if you've picked brass  or black then several hours later you're flinging the book down the stairs. Everything available except toilet brush holder and flush? What do you do?  Go different? Is there an interior design law that says your flush has to match your shower head? There must surely be!!

Back to the drawing board.


At least I saw what the tiles looked like wet as they were laying on the floor the wind and rain was howling through the open windows.

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