Aga - The Holy Grail of Kitchen Appliances

Aga - The Holy Grail of Kitchen Appliances

A total bucket list tick for me. Ever since I saw the red Aga stood proudly in my (future) mother in law Marie's kitchen many years ago it's been a source of desire. So unbelievably cosy and classy, a bit of a mystery if I'm honest but it was love at first sight.

I am now so happy to be in a position to be buying my own for real. I lose count of the times I tried to convince myself I could have one in Dubai, even France proved elusive. But now we have Ireland and now is the time, and I can't believe how much they have changed and the choice there now is in functionality and colours.

For convenience I'm going with the electric Aga! Who knew they existed? Switch on and off at will ( well some versions take longer then others to warm up) but yes no longer necessary to have the whole oil and boiler system, but they still look predominantly the same unless you count the optional induction hobs.

And the colours !! Aaaah heaven. So apart from the wide range they have I have, you can slo have a custom colour that matches any swatch you choose. For me its Blush! A bit scary when you look at the colour online - it does look a wee bit pink, and who wants a pink cooker in the kitchen, I'm not Barbara Cartland! No its actually a super warm beige that will look beyond awesome with my kitchen. Keep an eye on the journey to come to see if finally taking rpide of place in the heart of the house.



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