Moving In to Stella House

Moving In to Stella House

Ok so I'm a little late posting this as we moved in during the summer. Don't let the bright sunny day fool you, after costa Del Donegal in June, we moved in and it rained for two straight months.

But the upside was our lovely fires and warm cosy house. So we have power and more importantly under floor heating and all of the furniture arrived which after 2 years of buying it was like Christmas. Unsurprisingly the only leftovers after it was all set out was a mirror and a few extra cushions so was super pleased. And the name Stella House came from my darling darling grandmother. Who although spent most of her life in Wales, absolutely adored Ireland. She's gone now at the age of 100 and she's missed more than I can say. But her name will live on through the house.

All there is to do now is the landscaping and the driveway, the last garage door was installed and now its all about learning how to use everything. Look out for a post on Lutron Smart home systems if you want the low down on how that helps.

The curtains however are a whole different can of worms. All still in the packaging its such a mammoth task I cant get motivated to open them, knowing the ironing itll take and i'm not entirely sure whether they will fit. So at the moment the place still looks like Vegas at night with all the lights on. Watch this space, I will get there eventually.

Ive posted a few sneak interior shots below ( look out for the Ulster Tatler Winter Edition!) But over the coming weeks ( probably months - I never have enough time to sit and write) Ill go through each room to document the highs and lows of what worked and what didn't.


Sneak pic of the best bit of my kitchen the aga!! I'm still burning everything but it looks great. I need to have a few lessons


 And my other favourite bit, the fires. This is a log burner in the family room. It warms the whole house and makes it so cosy. 

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