Let The Build Begin

Let The Build Begin

It's October 2021 and driving into Lisfannon and seeing the steel structures going up was a sock on a number of fronts.Firstly we didn't know we needed a steel frame! I guess we hilariously assumed that a house is built from breeze blocks and then the roof goes on. That's not the case. 

The more complicated the house and the placement of walls inside make a steel frame necessary, but we had obviously not paid too much attention whilst watching Grand Designs, so seeing this enormous steel frame domineering the hillside well  as I said it was rather a shock. 



Secondly, the sheer size of it. It looked so huge. I can only imagine that the neighbours must have wondered if there was a handy Sainsbury's being built. If I'm honest the fact that post COVID  and the soaring cost of raw materials we were experiencing, It might have actually cost less for a Sainsbury's a year ago.

 I added a photo of Paddy Keany. Darling Paddy became our unofficial Clerk of Works all those months, and took his morning constitutional, come rain or shine up that very steep hill to look at the progress. 

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