Show Stopper BBQ Dishes

Show Stopper BBQ Dishes

Show Stopper BBQ Dishes.

Well we are still predominantly in semi lockdown, and mixing in large groups not on the cards for the foreseeable future, but there's still time to dust off the BBQ and prepare some Show Stopper BBQ Dishes for a distant backyard dinner just for the family.  

In normal BBQ season we all know that we usually spend the preceding days running around like headless chickens in preparation; the salads, the crockery, food for the kids, enough wine, and the 7 supermarket runs before they arrive.

 Meanwhile, we all know the husband will slide behind the grill with the steaks you have lovingly marinated and take all the credit for charcoaling the tenderloins with effortless grace!

Here are a few crowd pleasers to add, that don’t take too much time.


Slow cooked Corn

slow cooker creamed corn bbq cheesy sweetcorn

Empty a couple of bags of frozen corn, or tinned if it’s all you have, into a big saucepan or slow cooker with a carton of single cream, a big bag of grated cheese and some seasoning. In a slow cooker you can leave it for an hour or two to get all cheesy and yummy in the background or in the pot, just make sure it’s all melted and heated through.

Garlic Loaf

garlic bread pullapart garlicloaf bbq recipes

courtesy mydishesrecipes

This is a showstopper

Buy a nice big crusty loaf and carve it diagonally like a hedgehog. Make sure you’ve sliced two thirds of the way down but not all the way. Spinneys Garlic Butter ready mixed in the freezer section. I always have a few of the green sausage looking tubes in the fridge as they are super handy. If not then mix up softened butter and chopped garlic.

Lavishly butter each knife cut gap you’ve made in between each section, you don’t need to be precise. 

A minute or so in the microwave or 5 minutes in a hot oven to melt the butter and crisp it all up and then straight onto a serving board.  Each little square pulls away covered in garlicky loveliness and it looks like you spent hours on it.

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