Why You Need A Statement Coat..

Why You Need A Statement Coat..

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I'll tell you Why You Need A Statement Coat!  I’m a little lazy when it comes to fashion and you don’t get to my age (the trendy middle years!) without learning a trick or two about how to look good with minimum effort. To that end I own a lot of statement coats and jackets, in other words its’ not mission critical to look overly put together underneath,  but team it with jeans and trainers for a preppy look or black heels for a smarter look but it will always make an impact.

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The coat needs to be a statement with a capital S, bright, bold, geometric, embroidered or textured. Coloured faux fur is very in at the minute but vintage, tapestry, silk print as long as it has a wow factor will do.  It’s funny but many women shy away from clothes that say look at me and demand attention, but I find that it's the best tonic money can buy. Bad hair day or in your PJ’s underneath, when you wear a statement coat, you stand taller, shoulders back and it makes you feel bold and exhilarated.

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Keep an eye out for out of season statement coats. Desiguel  have fabulous options. Let us know what you think, would you wear one? Also check out our other fashion blogs.short funky statement coat




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