Skiwear Chic On The Slopes

Skiwear Chic On The Slopes

Have you mastered skiwear chic?  So I have just been skiing.  Well actually no, I just went on a ski holiday and watched the family whilst they skied.  The last two years running I have broken my arm, but that’s a story for another day.  Anyway, while sitting in the cafe with my mulled wine,I did a spot of people watching.  I had time to consider what on earth possesses people to dress like Liquorice All Sorts on the slopes.

Let’s face it, in everyday life we hide behind conservative hues but as soon as there’s a a modicum of snow we all think its fine to deck ourselves out like rainbows. My advice ladies; ski wear is usually puffy, quilted or otherwise generally chunky, so unless you are built like a malnourished pipe cleaner go black. Even Gigi Hadid would struggle to pull off a watermelon coloured puffer jacket over purple salopettes.


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Unless you are ultra confident and are looking for the paparazzi to be following your every move, maybe tone down your skiwear colours a little and stay classy.



ski wear ladies ski jacket

Go black and accessorise with a bright under layer with a polo neck, or bright scarf and gloves perhaps.  

 I know it's handy to be spotted on the slopes in neon green, but your holiday snaps afterwards may not be quite as Instagram worthy




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