My Style Crush - Jenny Lyons

My Style Crush - Jenny Lyons

I’m currently having a girlie style crush on Jenna Lyons. Now if you’re not sure who she is, here’s a quick fix up.

She spent 26 years at J.Crew, starting there at 21 and rising to be Executive Creative Director and President of Womens’ Design,  crafting the J Crew brand and tripling its’ revenue from $690 to $2 billion! Impressive. She’s an inspirational business woman.

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Jenny lyons inspiration

Her look is slightly androgynous and very polished. Her trademark look is a classic updo and thick rimmed glasses.

Her style. She has an ability to make everything look effortlessly classic and polished, clashing bold prints with oversized pieces, skinny jeans with sequinned jackets, leather biker jackets with frou-frou skirts.

I love the interest she can give to a basic, wardrobe staple.

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How to inject The Jenny Lyon style into your look.

  • Have fun with your clothes. Clash it up a little. Match that utility shirt with a great frou-frou  skirt
  • Wear that gorgeous skirt that you’ve been saving for years, waiting for that special occasion. Throw it on with something casual. But keep it sharp. Remember crisp, clean and fresh.
  • Add heels to your jeans or casual trousers. It never fails to elevate your look to the next level
  • Add a white T-shirt to a sequinned skirt for casual glamour.
  • Pair a luxe animal print with a basic classic. ie. A fur print with a denim jean
  • Buy those floral trousers, if you love them. Stop worrying about “but what do they go with or when will I wear them”. Just do it!



What do you think? Do you have a style crush? Add a comment and let us know. x


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