A Chic Outfit In 3 Easy Steps

A Chic Outfit In 3 Easy Steps


I often find myself opening my wardrobe and feeling totally perplexed and overwhelmed. Just what to wear? Is today a casual day or do I need to step up my game a level?
You know the days. Should I wear a dress, or a skirt and t-shirt combo, smart or casual ?Some days I’m feeling bloated and frumpy and no matter what, when I’m in that mood,  it’s just so hard to pull together a look that makes me feel great. When everything else just isn’t working, there is an easy formula that I can usually rely on and rarely fails, here's my 3 steps to an easy chic outfit.

  1. Step 1

Take a pair of straight-leg jeans, or even cropped or flared if that takes your fancy. It doesn't matter if they are high waist or low rise, and a belt is optional, but does add a chic note.

chic outfits for summer Mid waist, straight-leg cropped jeans[/caption]


chic outfit ideas ‘The Benefit’ by Goldsign. High waisted straight-leg jean @ Net-A-Porter




Step 2

Add a pair of classic leather loafers, navy, black or brown for a preppy look, coloured for a more funky option or elevate the look with a neat pair of heels.

casual chic outfits ideas Sleek new shape streamlined loafers in a soft rich leather



Chic outfit shoes Classic Gucci Loafers



Chic shoes for outfits

Check out loafers at Harvey Nicholls on


Step 3

Add a smart collared shirt. There's nothing like a crisp white shirt, but even blue, patterned, pussy bow or button down still works.


Chic outfits for work Uniqlo spring/summer collection


casual chic outfits ideas

And voila, there you have it. A classic style that will take you anywhere.

See, I told you it was easy, a chic outfit in just 3 steps!

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