Decorating Your Lounge With Cool Blue

Decorating Your Lounge With Cool Blue

Decorate Your Living Room With A Cool Blue  Hamptons Style Palette.

Decorating With Cool Blue - Are you looking for ways to use a cool blue Hamptons style to decorate your home? Do you yearn for a blue colour palette?

blue home interiors how to decorate with blue
Blue was never a colour I really warmed to, which is ironic as it has a reputation as a cold colour.  In the UK, where the sun is a rare treat, the temptation is to decorate in warm tones to add that cosiness we need on cold winter nights. But the opposite is true here in Dubai. Could we really decorate using cooler colours to counteract the heat?

how to add blue accessories to home interiors

The answer is yes. The blue spectrum covers a wide range of shades, from pale ice blues to  Hamptons style, right through to mediterranean turquoise.  Don’t be afraid to mix them up and layer them.  Add texture and pattern to create an interesting  palette that is fresh but still cosy.
Use cool blue, mixed with crisp white and a splash of green foliage for that calm, serene and beachy feel. Perfect for the Dubai vibe.

Mixing Pattern with Cool Blue

blue accessories for home interiors a touch of blue

blue cushions for a touch of cool blue to your home interiors

A great way to introduce a colour to a room, if you don’t want to heavily invest in large pieces of furniture, is to use accents in cushions or ornaments. This great image shows just how easy it is to pull different patterns together. If you thought stripes, florals and geometrics would clash, think again.


A favourite trick of mine is to use a tray to bring together a few items. A book where the cover colour matches a candle or even a single-coloured water glass or wine glass. Scout around your home and gather things of different heights and experiment. I’ve used dried hydrangeas, a book end and a fancy candle, even a cup and saucer to my coffee table.


blue china accessories for a cool blue home interior style

We love this arrangement and how they have used a gorgeous glass bowl of limes as an accent colour.


On the sofa, the cushions get changed every time I see another one to add to my collection, because I just love patten, checks, solid colours and flowers. As long as they are in the same palette or tone they will match and look great. Add in turquoise accents for an edgy feel.
Bringing colours together cool blue



Remember to pay attention to lighting. When using cool colours, avoid cool lighting. For me warm lighting works every time.

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