Decorating With Gold And Cream Accents

Decorating With Gold And Cream Accents

There’s no more warming palette than decorating in gold and cream accents. Of all of the spectrum these two colours are the easiest to match. Pick an obscure turquoise and try to find ornaments/decor, soft furnishings to match, and it's impossible,  unless those colours happen to be trending in the current season.  Gold and cream though are always on trend and always readily available.

decorating with gold accents adding luxury to home interiors

In this room, the palette has been extended through from gold and cream, to yellow, and at the other end from Silver through to grey.  Together they manage to make metallics warm and homely. Cushions are always a lovely way of bringing in colour. You can choose from sequins to fur, as long as the palette matches.  Choose from a great selection at


textured cushions with gold accents add luxury to home interiors

Be imaginative decorating with Gold and Cream even on your walls and don't be afraid to adapt and recycle. Trying to find good wall art is tricky and art itself can be expensive.  The wall art below started life as blue in my daughters bedroom. I successfully repurposed it with a can of gold spray from ACE Hardware.


adding gold wall display for luxury and glamour interiors

Send us in your examples of where you have decorated with gold and cream accents or check out our blog on decorating with cooler tones.


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