Why I'm Adding Magnesium To My Diet.

Why I'm Adding Magnesium To My Diet.

Why I'm Adding Magnesium To My Diet.

Feeling tired, lack of appetite and depressed? In the current environment we are all probably suffering from all three!

You could be one of the many people lacking in magnesium. So that's why I'm adding Magnesium to my diet.  Some experts say that  magnesium deficiency is the single largest health problem in our world today. Some of the reasons for magnesium depletion in healthy individuals can be caused by eating  low magnesium diets, processed foods, fizzy drinks, caffeine, too much alcohol and soil conditions which the plants and animals feed from. 

Why do we need it ?

Magnesium is a very important mineral that your body needs to function better and more importantly it helps us to stay young and strong (gets my vote then). It helps with so many important body processes including those that control how your muscles and nerves work, keeps your bones strong, heart healthy and regulates blood sugar encouraging healthy blood pressure. It plays a role in how much energy you have and how well you sleep……..so let's make sure we are getting enough.

Common symptoms

Muscle cramps and twitches are common with the lack of magnesium. My husband’s twitching used to keep us both up at night but a simple magnesium supplement like magnesium citrate did the trick. Personally I prefer the powder as the tablet form are like horse pills.

Alternatively the best natural sources of magnesium are…

  • spinach
  • black beans 
  • dark chocolate
  • avocado
  • almonds 
  • cashews
  • tofu 
  • pumpkin 
  • sunflower seeds  
  • brown rice

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So, everyone start adding magnesium rich foods to your diet and reap the benefits.


Hope you like our contributor’s post on the benefits of Magnesium. Thank you to Bernadette Karam.
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