Ready For An At-Home Facelift?

Ready For An At-Home Facelift?

I am definitely Ready For An At-Home Facelift. Never was I more depressingly aware of precisely how much I relied on an army of external, tweakers, dyers and pluckers to keep me looking half decent than I was during lockdown.

In the meantime, I rediscovered a few little tools of the trade that might not make me exactly camera ready but are certainly worth their weight in gold.

NuFace Mini Toning Device

One, in particular, is my NuFace Mini Toning Device. I got this last Christmas ( for myself!) and I have to say I'm finding it's really making a difference to the skin tone on my face. There are a number of these on the market.

I had read that it's that "at home" version of technology they use in salons and spas on a larger scale.  It's a small rechargeable handheld which uses microcurrent technology that you need to use on your face every day. It's safe, FDA approved and suitable for all skin types.  I use mine mostly in the evening, to be honest, whilst sat watching Netflix, but you could equally include it in your morning routine if you have time.

The premise is, like all muscles, once exercised and stimulated they tighten and in doing so firms up the skin. In a way, it's almost the opposite of Botox which freezes the muscle.

It comes with a set of very quick instructions, passing over different areas of the face in sow sweeping movements, emitting a current which you can't feel. It's used in conjunction with usually a water-based aqueous gel which you can buy with it or any off the shelf version works. Be sure to not use the device without the gel else you will definitely feel the current on your skin which isn't pleasant on the high setting but with the gel, you don't feel at all but does reassure you that it's working.


Trilogy Attachments

There is a Trilogy Option which comes with attachments that target crows feet and jowls as well, which whilst in total denial I have now bought.

There are a few ranges of these tools, NuFace being only one of them but I like that its' quite sleek and compact and you don't have to plug it in.


If you can get past the funny looks you get from your husband, sat on the sofa looking like you are giving yourself a quick shave, it's well worth the investment, and I can say then when I use it consistently my skin, particularly around my jawline, feels firmer and my wrinkles are definitely improving. It's easy to pop into your make up bag too so it's quite travel-friendly.

I'm not quite ready for a facelift now, but if 5 minutes each night, gives me just a portion of the benefit of a salon, then I'm in.

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