Ethically Sourced Beauty.

Ethically Sourced Beauty.

This week Lorraine and I are delighted to hand over to our guest contributor and lovely friend  Sarah Hall to give us the rundown on Ethically Sourced Beauty


Over the last 36 years, I’ve used most brands and products going, I’ve been swayed by many an advertisement on the television, on a billboard or within a store following a chat with a glamorous sales assistant. I’m an advertisers dream you might say! Easily swayed and ready to give anything a go to hold off the signs of stop those fine lines and wrinkles appearing.

Over more recent years I became aware of the ingredients in skincare and did, where I could, attempt to buy products with ‘natural’, ‘organic’ or ‘botanical’ ingredients....feeling they were somewhat better for me but not really finding out why. I felt if it was natural it had to be better for me, common sense right?  Suppose you could say I was far too busy raising a family and working full time to really give it much thought.

But like many others,I became more aware of the impact our lifestyles were having on our beautiful planet. From single-use plastic packaging to chemicals in sunscreen damaging our Marine life and coral all started to matter.

My turning point came 2 years ago. A friend introduced me to a range of skincare that claimed to be all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free and handmade. Well, of course, I was sceptical. I recall my words to her being ‘It won’t be completely natural; every beauty product has some form of chemical in!’ So to prove her wrong (I am of course always right!) I went over to take a look.

Would it surprise you to know that my eyes were well and truly opened and 2 years on I won’t use anything else? Let me explain why...

First and foremost, the Tropic products are beautiful and skin is in the best condition it’s ever been in!! They strive to use ingredients that promote the overall health of our skin and bodies. The products are all hand made in their beauty kitchen, using natural, ethically sourced ingredients.

They want to give back to the planet and aim to do as much as possible to minimise environmental impact, leading the way in creating more sustainable options within the beauty industry. They stand with Peta and The Vegan Society as a 100% cruelty-free brand, certified carbon neutral, offsetting carbon emissions by double. As well as this, they have ethical shopping and protect land and sea certification.

But the best thing? The thing that completely sold me? They are passionate about empowering women through beauty, business and education. Whether

it’s giving customers skin confidence, giving ambassadors the confidence to run their own businesses or funding education for children in some of the world’s poorest, most remote communities. They are just a fab company all round.

Not only have I improved my overall health and wellbeing, but I am also helping others improve theirs. I am also playing my part in helping preserve our beautiful planet. I am helping to create a healthier, greener, more empowered world. It feels great…

This is Tropic.

During my journey, I have started to appreciate exactly what I am putting on my skin. What we put on our skin should never be a mystery, and certainly shouldn’t be of any harm to us!

Every day I use a combination of products as part of my skincare regime, which includes ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber juices, sweet almond oils, eucalyptus and rosemary, vitamin B, superberries, turmeric, vitamin C, but my favourite is bio-retinol, derived from the blackjack flower, a safe and effective plant-based alternative to common retinoids! It honestly does work!!

I remember being horrified when I downloaded the “think dirty” app and looked up the ingredients of the skincare products that I used to use. Then, compared the same products to the Tropic products and it has been life-changing for me.

It feels like I’m now feeding my skin with goodness every morning and night and as sad as it sounds, I actually look forward to it!

I would love to help anyone improve their skincare for the better and help to resolve any skin issues, such as acne, blemishes oily or dry skin. Have a look at my website, I know you will love the Tropic products

If you are interested in becoming part of the Tropic ambassador team and start your own business just like I have, I’m happy to help.


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