Don’t You Just Love To Find A Beauty Bargain?

Don’t You Just Love To Find A Beauty Bargain?

I absolutely love to search out a bargain and on every trip home to the UK, TK Maxx is my absolute must shop.

So imagine my absolute delight to find that TK Maxx currently has stock of Eve Lom products, one of my favorite beauty brands. If you’ve never tried Eve Lom Cleanser then you’re missing a trick. The thick balm cleanser removes even the toughest of eye makeup and leaves your skin feeling so clean and soft, without much effort. I find it a little oily but that suits my skin. It’s sold with a gentle exfoliating cloth and it’s my absolute hero. So you can imagine my joy to find the Moisture Cream and the Time Retreat Radiance Essence in store. Being a huge Eve Lom fan and loving the cleanser, I just knew that I’d love the moisture cream, so without any hesitation I purchased both.

The moisture cream is light, which is essential for life in Dubai where thick moisturisers are just too heavy in the heat. It left my skin feeling very smooth and the marketing says that it reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, so it's a win for me.

Eve lom cleansing creme image via style[/caption]

I'll admit i had no idea what the Time Retreat Radiance Essence was but because of my love for everything Eve Lom and the ridiculously cheap price, i bought it.

Eve Lom describe it as "A water light formula with age defying ingredients to leave skin smooth, hydrated and visibly radiant, smooths out fine lines, calm skin and reduce damage caused by pollution" (online price in Dubai is 348dhs,  I paid much less).

Eve Lom time retreat anti age

Ive been applying this light product after cleansing in the evenings and i find that it has an instant hydrating effect. it's quite a watery product so i've been using a cotton wool pad to apply it. Its a highly concentrated liquid full of active ingredients to brighten skin and smooth wrinkles and having used it now for a few weeks, i'd rate it as one of my new favourite beauty products. In combination with my cleanser and moisturiser i'm now going to bed every evening with my face feeling that it has been truly pampered.

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