Discover The Beauty Benefits of A Silk Pillow.

Discover The Beauty Benefits of A Silk Pillow.

Do you wake every morning with a head of frizz and dull skin?  Then you need to know the beauty benefits of silk pillows.  I recently took the advice of a friend who’s beauty regime hands down beats anyone else’s I know.

So when she recommended that The Silk Pillow really is her new beauty secret, I went straight out and bought one.

benefits of silk pillow

Due to its natural properties, silk is moisturising and hypoallergenic, with these great characteristics working together it’s obvious why silk is beneficial and why you should seriously consider it as your main pillowcase. But if I still haven't  convinced you of  the beauty benefits of silk pillows, then here are a few more reasons.


  • Silk is smooth and  breathable, therefore reducing the friction that we put our hair through each night  Tossing and turning against cotton can result in hair breakage and split ends. 


  • Your skin produces natural oils during the night, improving and nurturing your hair. A regular cotton pillow can suck out these beneficial oils. This can leave your hair looking dry and weak.


  • Sleeping on a silk pillow is also beneficial for our skin, helping to prevent those fine lines and wrinkles, as your face glides over the silk, rather than rubbing up against the cotton, allowing your skin to retain its moisture. 


  • The long smooth fibres of silk will not irritate or rub your face, so another great bonus for anyone with sensitive skin. Silk pillows are recommended for those who suffer with acne.


  • Silk keeps you cooler throughout the night.
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And finally, Victoria Beckham swears by it. She regularly talks of the benefits of making a silk pillow a part of her beauty regime. So, if it’s good enough for Victoria…… should give it a try. Check out some of the purchasing options below for further information.


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