Choose To Infuse Your Regular Water Intake

Choose To Infuse Your Regular Water Intake

Living in the Middle East and an inclement hot climate there are no end of reminders to drink water to stay hydrated. I hate it. If I had to chug the several litres, which is actually recommended daily I would spend the entire day running between bathrooms.  I have, however, grudgingly had to compromise and learn to love infused water which at least makes it a bit more interesting. I Choose to Infuse.

infuser water bottle

There is also something quite satisfying about opening the fridge door and seeing a few mint and lemon packed bottles, it makes me feel smugly healthy and organised, but let’s face it, it isn’t hard. Get into the habit of filling your jug or fancy bottle every night before bed and throwing in a few things to infuse overnight. Here are some of my favourites, or check out some exotic options on

  • Lemon & Basil - just tastes nice

  • Orange and blueberries

  • Cucumber lemon and lime ( pare the cucumber lengthwise for more flavour and the ribbons look nice in the jug)

  • Peach & Ginger - good for digestion

  • Green tea (bag) Mint & Lime - good for headaches

  • Watermelon, Blueberry & Mint - Good for muscle recovery after my pilates!

fruit infuser water bottle image via pinterest


They also look lovely on your counter in the morning and look inviting enough to keep reminding you consistently through the day.

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