Eating Out In Dubai Post Lockdown

Eating Out In Dubai Post Lockdown

So we have ventured out! Eating Out in Dubai Post Lockdown was a first for us this week.  After prolonged isolation indoors since mid-March, hubby and I decided to meet two close family friends for a bite to eat and decided to share the experience for those who are still wondering what life outside the home bunker is like.

Having been in sweat pants for so long I ended up going decked out like a Christmas tree because it felt like such a big occasion. Walking in heels felt like moon boots! But I dug in my bag for red lipstick and we were off.


Carine At The Emirates Golf Club

We met at Carine, the french restaurant at the Emirates Golf Club. The place was very quiet, had our temperature taken at the door and stood for the thermal camera to make sure we had no Ready Brek glow of fever and we were off to our seats.  The tables were all spaced out but it still had a lovely atmosphere. Contrary to the rumour we didn't eat off plastic plates with plastic cutlery. There was a QR code on the table which when you hovered your phone over it gave you the menu, but also a big signpost sized menu on a wooden plinth so you didn't need to touch anything unnecessarily.

post lockdown dinner dubai carine emirates golf club

Eating Out Safely

Everyone wore masks until we were at the table, where the four of us sat at easy chatting distance but still far enough away to keep reminding you that this wasn't quite what we were used to. But once sat we were allowed to take the masks off to eat and slowly the conversation strayed away from the doom and gloom and onto catching up, which was wonderful.

I know many of you in Dubai and even in the UK are just coming around the thought of venturing out, and it's hard to explain how it felt.  Whilst I have been a little OCD about  COVID, as a mum you tend to err on the side of extreme caution. My husband is a bit more statistics-driven so we both had to compromise a bit. It felt strange, almost naughty to be out,  we had booked our list to be back before curfew so conscious of time and making the most of it.  I was hyper-aware of the proximity of waiters but they were so considerate, all gloved and we ordered a meal and some wine without a hitch.


Carine has always been a lovely venue with great service and food, and it still is. Much kudos to the staff who made the experience as normal as possible. 


The jury I know is still out on how safe it is to be out in the public domain. For sure we have to be vigilant at all times.  Health and safety versus the economy,  which is affecting us all adversely with many people taking pay cuts to stay afloat. It's not an easy decision, and one to which I don't have an answer. But I will say a big Thanks to Colin and Bernadette, who for a few short hours made us feel human and normal again.  It'll take some time but we will get there. And we may do it next week!

How do you feel about Eating Out In Dubai Post Lockdown let us know where you go.

If you are in the vicinity then I recommend Carine at


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